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Lessons for us all

What a sad time for the recovery Industry, we have lost 3 colleagues recently working on the strategic Road network, and this is why we ask you all, to sign up to the petition online to create a new law to protect roadside workers and support the ”slow down move over” process that works so well in America, following on from that, we all need to consider at which point in our lives we now find ourselves as recovery drivers or technicians in the roadside skills process, which of the following 4 skill levels fits you best…be honest.

1 – Unconsciously unskilled – not trained, not a clue, typically a new starter put out in a vehicle.

2 – Consciously unskilled – We know we don’t know what to do, but an appreciation of the risks, just starting to be trained.

3 – Consciously skilled – this is the best place to be, skilled at risk assessment and Roadside working, recovery operations.

4 – Unconsciously skilled – this is the worst place to be, this is the guy that has been around since Adam was a lad, did a training course in the 70,s or 80,s, knows it all, and is complacent about working out on motorways and dual carriageways, and doesn’t wear appropriate Hi-Viz out on the road, it is you and your employers responsibility to be as safe as you can be with the job you do.

Times have changed, cars and roads are faster than they have ever been, and Highways England’s latest advice for recovery operators on smart motorways has been long awaited and will be welcomed by the industry. RoadOne fully endorses and continue to train out these procedures through our training courses.

Stay Safe!!


Keith Lowey

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