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Driver CPC

Following the introduction of European Directive 2003/59/EC It is now a requirement for all professional UK drivers of PCVs and LGVs to complete Periodic Training to gain the Certificate of Professional Competency commonly referred to as Driver CPC.

The directive aims to improve road and driver’s safety, as well as to increase their general awareness during the performance of their duties and to raise driving standards to a professional level, increasing efficiency and therefore having a positive impact on running costs and pollution emissions.

Existing PCV and LGV drivers must have, in addition to their professional driver’s licence, the certificate of Driver CPC. To achieve this they must first complete a 35 hours re-training programme within the next 5 years and every subsequent 5 years thereafter. New drivers coming into the profession will qualify for Driver CPC as part of the process of gaining their professional driver’s license for PCV or LGV as the course work and examinations will have been extended to meet the new requirements.

Training with IVR Training Services Ltd has the added bonus that candidates can achieve both their Driver CPC training and the VR module certification at the same time, provided that the IVR modules examination requirements are met for the relevant modules.